Holiday Properties To Let In Niton Isle of Wight

Holiday Properties To Let In Niton Isle of WightClick Here for all Niton Holiday Properties

Niton is a small village almost on the south coast of the Isle of Wight. 

The village is made up of stone built houses and walls, thatched roofs and ancient farmsteads. There is a Victorian influence in the village but it is relatively light compared with neighbouring St Lawrence. In the very centre the road is one-way. The Village on the inland side is surrounded by rural farming land and as soon as you leave the confines of the village heading out on the A3055 towards Blackgang you get a feeling the ‘roof has been lifted off’ as you reach the top of the first hill and are presented with the magnificent vista of West Wight and all its openness.

The Eastern Yar river rises in the north of Niton. But as it mainly runs underground you are unlikely to spot it. However if it’s a quiet evening and you happen to be on the streets on the road that enters the village from Whitell, you might just hear it gurgling under your feet!

Attractions include St Catherine’s Lighthouse, St Catherine’s Oratory and Blackgang Amusement Park.

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